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I have already contacted Cablevision and Directv and WILL cancel Fios subscription and am seriously considering switching from Verizon Wireless just to sever ALL ties with Verizon over this sneaky switch to Accweather


The weather channel provided accurate important life saving information. How dare Verizon put so many viewers at risk. Their weather knowledge might one day save the lives of corporate and the very people you love. Every subscriber should leave Verizon. Too expensive and controlling.


Verizon FIOS didnt have the courtesy of telling customers they were losing the Weather Channel one day it was in the channel lineup and one day when it was gone. The lack of professionalism -let alone- bad manners demonstrates their attitude toward customer service in a microcosm. When I called customer service their laissez faire attitude just corroborated my intent to switch to DirecTV.

Drew Hofley

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